Information about Your Hospital Visit

Your Accommodations
We make every effort to provide the type of room you've requested, but emergency admissions occasionally prevent us from doing so immediately. If the room you have requested is not available when you are admitted, please accept our apologies and be assured that we will transfer you when an appropriate room is available.

If a semi-private room is converted to a private room at your request, a private room rate will be charged. But be reminded that a high occupancy rate may prevent using a semi-private room as a private room. If such should occur, please give us your understanding and cooperation. For your convenience, our rooms have electrically controlled beds with bedside controls which are designed for your comfort and safety. Your nurse will show you how to operate the controls. The side rails on your bed may be raised for your safety. Never attempt to lower them or climb over them. If you need assistance, call a nurse.

In addition, an individual temperature control is located in each room for your comfort. Windows should always remain closed.

Observation Services
Your physician will determine if you should be admitted to outpatient observation services or admitted as an inpatient. This determination will be based on the severeness of your illness and the intensity of the services you need. If you are placed in outpatient observation services, you will be placed in a room on one of our units and monitored for up to 24 hours. Your nurse will let you know if you are going to be admitted as an inpatient or discharged home prior to the completion of the twenty-four (24) hours.

Treatment Permits
Consent forms for treatment or surgery must be signed by each patient or next of kin after discussing the treatment with your physician. Consent for minors must be signed by parents or guardians. Be sure all necessary forms are signed before your relatives leave the hospital. These forms are important because surgery will not be performed until all forms are completed and signed. If you do not understand our forms, please ask for an explanation.