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Take a moment to see if we have a job opportunity for you! Russellville Hospital offers competitive salaries, complete benefit packages and an excellent working environment. Download job application. 

Job applications may be emailed to, or sent by fax to (256) 331-8925, or taken to our Human Resources Department.  Please contact our human resources department at 256-332-8684 for more information about these open positions.

Position Title Department Shift Hours
RN ICU 7a-7p 72
RN ICU 7a-7p 72
Respiratory Therapist Respiratory Any 0
RN ICU 7p-7a 72
RN ER 1p-11p 70
RN 2nd Floor 7p-7a 72
Pharmacy Tech Pharmacy Any 0
MLT/MT Lab Any 0
RN Wound Center Any 64
Registrar ER Registration Any 0