What is CaringBridge?

We bring family and friends together during any type of health event. Think of us as an online space where you can connect, share and receive support—kind of like a “caring” social network.

Whether you start a Site, set up a SupportPlanner, or join a community CaringBridge makes it simple.
  • Sites: We provide personal, protected sites where you can post health updates. People are able to stay connected and leave words of hope and encouragement.
  • SupportPlanner: Our planner helps family and friends coordinate care and helpful tasks, like bringing a meal, taking care of pets and other needs.
Who uses caringbridge?
We’re for anyone facing any health condition: big or small, acute or long term, available for as long as you need. Our services are used worldwide and receive over half-a-million visits each day. That’s a lot of love.

What kind of privacy can people expect?
We offer multiple privacy levels to fit everyone’s needs. You can make it as private or as public as you’d like. Personal data is protected and not sold. You won’t see intrusive advertising. This is our promise to you.

Is it easy to get started?
It’s simple to set your community of support in motion! Simply follow these three steps:
1. Go to CaringBridge.org
2. Select a way to begin connecting.
3. Share with family and friends.

How is CaringBridge funded?
CaringBridge is a nonprofit made possible thanks to individuals and families who donate. Nearly 90% of our funding comes from families with sites and meaningful stories of their own.

What about HIPAA?
Anyone can recommend CaringBridge to individuals and families because CaringBridge does not share health information. Patients and caregivers control their privacy settings and the information disclosed on their site. To learn more, visit our Terms of Use on CaringBridge.org.

What are the benefits to a healthcare facility?
CaringBridge can enhance the family support system, increasing patient satisfaction. Our services make it simple for families to share their own health updates setting their community of support in motion. This allows staff to spend more time focused on providing quality care.

Interested in more ways to share?
Check out our Amplifier Hub to find more resources and to connect with a community of supporters, like you.

We’re here to help. Phone support (651-789-2300) and live chat are available weekdays
(8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST), with FAQs available anytime at CaringBridge.org.